Dr. Mario Kordt strengthens the Weinig Management Board

MICHAEL WEINIG AG, the leading technology provider for the solid wood and panel processing industry and small operations, has complemented its Man-agement Board. Following the appointment of Gregor Baumbusch as CEO as of 1 January 2019, the Supervisory Board appointed 46-year-old Dr. Mario Kordt as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at its meeting on 12 March 2019. Dr. Kordt will take office on 15 March 2019 and, together with Chief Financial Officer Gerald Schmidt, will complement the Management Board which will then consist of three members again.

Dr. Kordt completed his mechanical engineering studies at the production tech-nology faculty of RWTH Aachen University with a degree in manufacturing en-gineering. His professional career took him to the Fraunhofer Institute for Pro-duction Technology IPT (Aachen) where he worked as a research assistant in the Laser Technology Working Group and later to Freudenberg Anlagen und Werkzeugtechnik (FAW) in Laudenbach as Director of Technology Management in Tool Technology. After that Dr. Kordt worked as Managing Director at awetis engineering+manufacturing GmbH. He thus has outstanding technical expertise and experience in mechanical engineering.  

In the Weinig Group, Dr. Kordt has been responsible for Weinig Dimter, LuxScan and Raimann as Managing Director since 2015. In his new function as a member of the Management Board, he will continue to assume his previous responsibility as Managing Director of these companies for the time being.

“We are happy to have found a colleague and board member in Dr. Kordt who combines technical proficiency with personal qualities. Dr. Kordt has proven himself excellently within the Weinig Group in recent years. He enjoys great recognition amongst his colleagues due to his professional expertise and team spirit. He therefore combines the ideal qualities not simply to maintain the lead-ing position of the Weinig Group in the world, despite the ever-increasing pres-sure of international competitors, but to expand it”, said Thomas Bach.

At the same meeting, the Supervisory Board was also presented with the main elements of the new “viaWEINIG” strategy, which was confirmed by the super-visory board. The implementation of this strategy means a clear orientation towards customers and markets. This is made possible by centralizing the sales organization of the Weinig Group with regional market units.